Risk Management as a Service

Providing real-time management of enterprise (including security) risks. Information collection, configurable dashboards and reporting, automated monitoring, reminders, acceptance and escalations, RMaaS uses best-of-breed capabilities to enable organisations to manage and report on key risks more efficiently, creating unique opportunities to outpace competitors, increase market share, establish trust and attract investment.

Cyber Security Consultancy

Cyber security consultancy across the enterprise, enabling organisations to operate securely, optimise security spending, reduce vulnerability to threats, and improve their security posture. Strategy, operational security, physical security, threat intelligence, risk assessments, security architecture and design, compliance management, penetration testing, security awareness training, incident management, compromise assessment, and forensic analysis.

Cyber Risk Management and Assurance

Cyber risk assessments, aligned with ISO27005, ISO27030, NCSC guidance and NIST to identify/analyse/prioritise/treat cyber security risks and mitigations based on asset/system criticality. Ensuring security and business risks are described and understood in business language. Selection and use of appropriate risk assessment methodologies and supporting tools in support of business objectives.

Cyber Security Incident Management

A robust incident management process that strengthens an organisation’s cybersecurity posture, protects it from security threats and helps lessen the impact of unplanned disruptions. The objective is to enable organisations to prepare, respond and recover from incidents quickly and effectively, enhancing operational resilience and key stakeholder confidence.

Cyber Security Strategy

A coherent, measurable Cyber Strategy for public/private sector organisations in the Cloud or considering moving to the Cloud. The strategy, supported by the board, communicates risk appetite and security risk tolerance levels throughout the organisation, and sets out a framework to help the organisation achieve its key security objectives.

Risk Management Strategy

A coherent, measurable Risk Management Strategy for public/private sector organisations in the Cloud or considering moving to the Cloud. A robust risk management strategy enables informed, risk-based, decision-making in support of key business objectives. It promotes clear communication, better understanding and a more positive security culture throughout the organisation.

Supply Chain Risk Management

We provide and implement robust, proportionate cloud-related Third Party Supplier Risk Management frameworks (people, process, technology), tailored to your organisation’s needs. This includes the establishment of appropriate processes, procedures and reporting to effectively mitigate and manage the risk associated with using third parties to deliver your cloud strategy.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Conducting cyber risk assessments, following industry standards, to identify/analyse/prioritise cyber security risks and mitigations based on asset/system criticality. Collaborating closely to ensure security and business risks are described and understood in business language. Identification and use of appropriate risk assessment methodologies and supporting tools for outcome driven results.

Cyber Security and Data Privacy

Addressing key security and privacy issues. We offer gap analyses, maturity assessments and expert advice on Business Impact Assessments (BIA), Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA), Data Management Impact Assessments (DMIA) and other artifacts. Liaising with key stakeholders, ICO and suppliers to manage incidents, mitigate potential harm to organisations and individuals.

Cloud Security Review

Provides organisations with an independent assessment of their current cyber security position and that of their Cloud service provider(s). A Cloud Security Review enables an organisation to understand the risks and opportunities associated with Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud services, to articulate security risk exposure and to develop a proportionate and achievable response.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Enabling organisations to implement, manage and monitor cybersecurity Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) more effectively, meeting contractual, legal and regulatory obligations, in alignment with industry standards and best practice such as ISO27001, ISO27005 and ISO27030, HMG Security Policies, NCSC guidance, Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) and NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF).

ISO27001 Compliance and Certification

Expert advice by skilled and experienced consultants partnering with organisations to achieve and maintain compliance with ISO27001, including certification (where needed), implementing and maintaining an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in the Cloud. ISMS includes review of policies, processes, procedures, gap analysis, security policy creation, risk assessment and implementation activities.

Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) Readiness and Compliance

DORA is an EU regulation that will apply as of 17th January 2025. It mandates adherence to rules safeguarding against IT incidents, including risk management, incident reporting, resilience testing, and third-party risk monitoring. We provide expert advice to help organisations assess their current readiness and to meet DORA requirements.

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

World-class service and monitoring utilising the latest up-to-date, best-of-breed security technology. Combining effective asset management, continuous systems monitoring, multi-source cyber threat intelligence, supported by highly trained security analysts, together with automated alerting and incident response. Provides stakeholder assurance and enables managers to get on with running the business.

Contractual, Legal and Regulatory Obligations Security Review

Reviewing and analysing an organisation’s existing or proposed contractual, legal and regulatory obligations to enable it to identify and implement appropriate and proportionate security controls. Mapping recommended controls against existing controls, enabling the organisation to maintain compliance with obligations, optimise security resource and eliminate unnecessary security costs.

IT and OT Security Convergence

Reviewing IT and Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity operations and governance to identify threats, appropriate security controls and prevent potential attacks. Securing Industrial Control Systems (ICS) by establishing roles and responsibilities, developing standards, consistent processes, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), skillsets, data, and security policies.

Cloud Security Architecture

This service helps define and implement robust cloud security architecture strategies, frameworks and develop architecture patterns/ blueprints that support the delivery of standardised and repeatable security solutions developed to meet your business and security needs. We can also assist to measure the maturity of your cloud architecture against accepted practice.