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Atomic Risk Management combines experience and subject matter expertise with best-in-class security technology and innovation, to deliver a range of world-class services for clients and specialist partners.

Risk Management as a Service

Providing real-time management of enterprise (including security) risks. Information collection, configurable dashboards and reporting, automated monitoring, reminders, acceptance and escalations, RMaaS uses best-of-breed capabilities to enable organisations to manage and report on key risks more efficiently, creating unique opportunities to outpace competitors, increase market share, establish trust and attract investment.

Cyber Security Consultancy

Cyber security consultancy across the enterprise, enabling organisations to operate securely, optimise security spending, reduce vulnerability to threats, and improve their security posture. Strategy, operational security, physical security, threat intelligence, risk assessments, security architecture and design, compliance management, penetration testing, security awareness training, incident management, compromise assessment, and forensic analysis.

Security Risk Assessment and Assurance

Cyber risk assessments, aligned with ISO27005, ISO27030, NCSC guidance and NIST to identify/analyse/prioritise/treat cyber security risks and mitigations based on asset/system criticality. Ensuring security and business risks are described and understood in business language. Selection and use of appropriate risk assessment methodologies and supporting tools in support of business objectives.

Cyber Security Incident Management

A robust incident management process that strengthens an organisation’s cybersecurity posture, protects it from security threats and helps lessen the impact of unplanned disruptions. The objective is to enable organisations to prepare, respond and recover from incidents quickly and effectively, enhancing operational resilience and key stakeholder confidence.

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